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NEED FOR EMOTIONAL HONESTY AND COURAGE IN INTIMACY Since Pluto rules all of the scary emotions associated with early emotional trauma, intimate relationships for a Venus-Pluto person (or relationships during transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Venus) always carry a threat (and opportunity) of revealing your worst memories of fear, shame and helplessness.

The initial response for a Venus Pluto person might be to by refusing to acknowledge the existence of psychic wounds, perhaps projecting them onto their partner (as in “Why do I always attract partners with so many emotional issues? A wiser, more courageous response is to embrace your painful feelings as they come up, trusting in your ability to choose the right partner to go through these kinds of healing crises with.

For some, Pluto Venus aspect literally suggests a position of power and influence within their organization.

Here are some examples of well known people with a natal Venus Pluto aspect: As the above examples suggest, the combination of Venus and Pluto may indicate relating (Venus) with powerful (Pluto) people, wielding power and control (Pluto) within relationships (Venus), or dealing with the misuse of power (Pluto’s shadow) in relationships and social settings (Venus).

CONTROL AND POWER NEEDS IN RELATIONSHIPS In a professional arena, Pluto can manifest as power, influence and even prominence.

The end result is that you become more whole, and have more energy since you stopped spending so much of it on pressing down emotions. Feel free to share your experiences and insights in the comment section.

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Seduction reaches an intense level as you step into an amazing whirl with the young man or your cub that is there just to be with you, caress and pamper you – which you’ve longed for years.

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