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Individuals who are already enrolled with an MCO and request PHC or Day Activity and Health Services (DAHS) from HHSC must be advised to contact their MCO.HHSC will not enroll individuals in DAHS when they are listed in TIERS as a candidate for STAR PLUS enrollment.

More information about the new card is available at:

Since there are no immediate or expedited criteria for DAHS enrollment, individuals seeking these services will be available upon enrollment into the STAR PLUS program.

DAHS facility initiated referrals which take place for individuals pending STAR PLUS enrollment will not be reimbursed by HHSC.

The intake staff or case worker who conducts intake for community care services or who receives a request for service: If the requester does not want to apply for CCAD services, the requester is transferred to appropriate staff for requests for HHSC services other than community care services or referred to other appropriate resources.

See Appendix XV, Services Available from Other State Agencies, and Section 2530, Other Resource Services The information is not entered into NTK and an intake is not completed.

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