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M., 2017, Shallow melting of MORB-like mantle under hot continental lithosphere, Central Anatolia: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 18(5), p.

A., 2017, Sediment unmixing using detrital geochronology: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 477, p.

We also have a chemical workspace for heavy liquid separation and Frantz magnetic separation. M., and Johnson, K., 2017, Field evidence for the control of grain size and sediment supply on steady-state bedrock river channel slopes in a tectonically active setting: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 42(14), p.

The sample preparation facilities include a series of microscopes to allow the inspection of mineral separates, sample picking, and loading of the irradiation packets.

This laboratory develops methodology for small and difficult sample analysis often at the limits of existing mass spectrometer technology.

Ar geochronology is an experimentally robust and versatile method for constraining the age and thermal history of rocks.

The argon extraction lines are designed to incrementally heat, fuse, or ablate any potassium-bearing rock or mineral using either infrared or ultraviolet lasers.

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Very small amounts of sample material, ranging in size from a single mineral grain to a few milligrams of sample are commonly analyzed with small associated analytical errors (Ar laboratory consists of single- and multiple-collector mass spectrometers each attached to custom-built, stainless steel extraction lines that operate at pressures roughly one billionth of an atmosphere. H., Gupta, S., Slaybaugh, R., Harkness, P., Mark, D. P., Davidheiser-Kroll, B., Faithfull, J., Lloyd, N. A., 2017, High-precision K measurements by MC-ICP-MS indicate terrestrial variability of δ41K: Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, Accepted Manuscript, doi:10.1039/C7JA00257B. S., Helffrich, G., Madeira, J., Cosca, M., Thomas, C., Quartau, R., Hipólito, A., Rovere, A., Hearty, P. P., 2017, Emergence and evolution of Santa Maria Island (Azores)—The conundrum of uplifted islands revisited: Geological Society of America Bulletin 129(3-4), p. The versatility of the Ar method permits determining the timing of processes and events such as igneous intrusions and extrusions, ore mineralization and hydrothermal fluid circulation, metamorphic cooling and exhumation, mineral formation and recrystallization, and shallow crustal faulting. Scientists are dependent on the geochronologist for data and interpretations to determine these parameters.

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