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You will need to use a Double Wipe Tin Lead 28 pin socket, a machine pin socket will work for the main PCB but not on the piggyback boards.

U0 74LS139 if this fails the symptom will be the static garbage on screen.

This resource is maintained in part by the community. The larger pads at 1,2 (A, B) & 21,22 (Y, Z) often times become burnt from dirt/ resistance and require rebuilding of PCB edge & wiring harness or as often done by operators, "creative rewiring", where wires are taken from the wiring harness and soldered directly to the PCB bypassing the connector.

All Ms Pac Man printed circuit boards are actually Pac Man circuit boards that have had a auxiliary board plugged into the original location of the Z80 CPU and the 2 character chips at 5E, 5F changed to Ms Pac chips.

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Flashing A in upper right & Flashing "2" in Lower left Pin 1 of 6H out of socket 2-3 Characters in upper left - seems locked up Check 74LS74 @ 8C for lifted pin 11 used in speed up mods Maze has white bar running top to bottom. Pac and all the monsters go through the maze upside-down! Pac and the monsters look like they're upside down. "FLIP" was getting through in this channel when it should not have been. (Thanks Matt Mc Cullar) Other Specific Problems Fixes Plays, but monsters look like they've had a labotomy - heads cut off RA3 output from 1E pin 11 goes in a chain sequentially to pin 9 at D1, C1, B1, A1 and then over to pin 13 at 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D.

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U5 only buffers data that flows from the Z80 to the board and is enabled by the output pin 9 of the 74LS74 at U2. 74LS244's often will exhibit "noisey" or eradict outputs on a single line.

Visually in Pac-Man this can vary from No Text on Intro Screen to Eradict Operation / Intermittent Crashes.

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