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Who said partnership couldn't lead to something more? Not before he's even had the chance to give her a hundred kisses.

- Nalu T/MSeven Fairy Tail Wizards, Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Levy, Juvia, Gajeel and Erza, accompanied by a certain guild member of Crime Sorciere, are sent to a lake house for five days. Follow Natsu (afraid of losing Lucy) and Lucy (afraid of hurting Natsu) and a few others as they embark on a hopeful journey for a cure and deal with difficult feelings along the way. When a nasty storm destroys Lucy's house, she is forced to move in her mother's friend's house who was unexpectedly the rude jock's Natsu Dragneel's house!

Natsu Dragneel is the son of the fire dragon god, Igneel and lives in the human world to understand them and become a better god.

His closest friend is his guardian angel, Lucy Heartfilla who was assigned to him since birth.

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Her father, King Jude Heartfilia, constantly has to reprimand her for her disobedience, but Lucy has other things on her mind. Lucy knew from the start that taking love advice from a shady horoscope wasn't one of the brightest ideas she ever had. This story will have lemons later, sorry I suck at summaries.

Meeting him in the worst way ever, she doesn't know if she could handle living under the same roof as him but as the time goes, she learns that he isn't such a bad guy.

—Based on Playful Kiss and Itazura no Kiss Lucy once again has problems and this time, it does not include her rent.

When she makes a daring escape from Mercurius and runs into a strange band of eccentric pirates, she meets the captain of Fairy Tail, who... She'd rather flush the stupid magazine down the toilet than believing in one word from that wanna-be author. (Used to be Dragon Slayer Mating Heat.)"So, I heard you're a player..." and when he was going to change her mind thinking she was a one boy, one girl type, she slammed her hands on the desk and leaned in whispering "Nice to meet ya, I'm the coach..." and she left smirking.

When predictions start becoming reality though, Lucy knew she was in trouble. Cover image by my sis and her best friend credits to them :)What happens when Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, Elfman, and Jellal find themselves stuck as cats and forced to act as pets for the girls?

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