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After marrying Karen Ziskin (Rabbi Ziskin’s sister), they opened an outreach center in Brazil, and then founded Aish Mexico.

In 2011, the Pilatowskys joined Aish in Johannesburg.

Jon also spent two years working with Aish International in Jerusalem and internationally to improve and expand Aish's outreach efforts.

In 2006, Jon moved back to Melbourne joining Aish Australia to help teach and share the wisdom of Torah with the local community.

But it is believed at least 20 other major British crooks are still living in the area.

Brian Wright, the mastermind behind a gang which flooded Britain with £500million worth of cocaine, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in Northern Cyprus until he fled a month ago after a tip-off that police were closing in. Another drug baron, Raymond Spencer, 50, was recently deported to mainland Turkey, extradited to the UK and jailed for 13 years at York Crown Court on a smuggling charge.Rabbi Andrew Saffer attended Mount Scopus College, and then studied Law and Information Technology at Monash University, anticipating a career in internet law at the same commercial law firm as his many cousins.A six-week Jerusalem Fellowship trip to Israel changed that.El Rabino Arturo Kanner es nacido en la ciudad de México.Cursó sus estudios en el Colegio Hebreo Tarbut y después comenzó su carrera de psicología en la Universidad Iberoamericana.

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    Having been taught the practice of transcendental meditation (TM) himself at the age of 11, Martin combines influences from personal experience with research into narratives surrounding tropes of contemporary occultism such as gurus, garments and symbols.

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