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In inflation-adjusted dollars, real net farm income was forecast to be relatively unchanged from 2016.In nominal terms, farm income was forecast to increase about 3 percent from 2016.Although average profit margins are positive for the year, monthly-average profit margins have been negative to just over break-even since August.In addition to lower prices and negative profit margins in the second half of 2017, one concern for ranchers has been the increasing variability of cattle prices.In western Missouri, a region where crop production has been very strong in recent years, the share of bankers expecting lower farm income decreased for a third straight year. One mitigating factor of increasing global competition has been trade deals, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).Key Risks to the Outlook Although farm income appears to have stabilized in the short to longer term, one risk to the outlook has been growing supplies. share of world crop exports suggests that the rest of the world has become more active in global export markets when the U. Agricultural exports to both Canada and Mexico dramatically increased following the implementation of NAFTA in 1993.“Having a voice at the table on behalf of our industry and all of Nebraska agricultural is exciting”.

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“The results of this survey will serve as a primary source of information for numerous local and federal policies and programs that affect Nebraska farms and farm families,” NASS conducts ARMS jointly with USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS).Therefore, although international demand has provided some opportunities for the agricultural sector, uncertainty surrounding trade remains a risk to the outlook. The total value of crop production has declined since 2013. share of world crop exports has fallen steadily over time. The cattle sector is a key industry to the Tenth District agricultural economy, contributing more than 50 percent of the District’s total agricultural revenues.One reason trade is a risk to the outlook is because exports in recent years have contributed a larger share of the total value of U. At the same time, the total value of crop exports has increased slightly. As mentioned previously, cattle profit margins have supported aggregate measures of farm income and are expected to be positive in 2017, following negative profit margins in 20.International trade could help support agricultural prices and incomes, but uncertainty over trade deals has generated additional risk for the agricultural sector.In the first half of 2017, strength in the livestock sector supported U. farm income, but increasing cattle inventories and greater price variability suggest that the outlook could remain weak.

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