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See more » Cuba Performed by The Gibson Brothers Original Published by Bleu Blanc Rouge / Zagora UK Sub-publisher R&E Music Limited Composed by Daniel Vangarde and Jean Joseph Kluger (as Jean Kluger) (c) Licensed by Zagora See more » At first, I thought this was just a poor man's "Snatch," with the wild cinematography, dark humor, brutal characters and language...not as good as that more well-known film.

s first officer, orders the ship's personnel, including his pregnant wife Winona, to abandon ship while he pilots Kelvin on a collision course with Narada.

Kirk, Hikaru Sulu and Chief Engineer Olson perform a space jump onto the drilling platform.

Olson is killed but Kirk and Sulu disable the drill.

Well, I have really begun to like this film a lot, equally, if not more, than "Snatch."The more I see "Sexy Beast," the more fascinating it gets, and it was pretty interesting the first time!

Enter the childishly violent and hilariously edgy Don Logan.

Through a series of side-splitting negotiations and irrevocable acts, retired crook Gal is forced to shake off the rust and accept one last mission, put forth by the menacing Logan, his ex-mentor.

When it shows them going to the airport it is a 1995-98 model (993 model number).

Those four are retired crooks and their wives, now living the easy life in Spain.

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