Cyber sex web

The co-addict, in an effort to please the addict, may do the following things.

She may change her hair color, lose/gain weight, quit her job/go to work, or wear sexy underwear.

They feel that this fantasy behavior threatens the marriage and their self esteem.

Most feel betrayed, defiled and abused in the same way that one might feel after an affair.

He was looking at porno, again,” reports a counseling client.

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What the partner has to realize is that she or he needs help too in order to get out of her or his own addictive habits.To "please and keep her man" the co-addict will often attempt to become indispensable to the addict.Not surprisingly, with the need to be indispensable, the co-addict's most constant emotional state is one of fear. I found him in his usual spot, his basement office.The Internet just happens to provide many of the things sex addicts seek, all in one place: isolation, secrecy, fantasy material, endless variety, around-the-clock availability, instant accessibility and a rapid means of returning, low or no cost.

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