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Alternative: 体操服を脱がさないで , Taisoufuku wo Nugasanaide Genres: One shot School life Yaoi Author(s): Hideyoshico Summary: A boy wearing a facade of a pristine angel, Koizumi-kun, and the class’s disliked Kashihara-kun, and their changed relationship since the day they had sex.

Global Times Sichuan landslide / MSCI includes A-shares / Warmbier's death / Sino-US DSD / Danmei – gay fiction – bears brunt of new regulations that espouse socialist values Last week, regulators threw a wet blanket on the prospering online literature... Alternative: Hidamari to Bentou Danshi to , 陽だまりとべんとう男子と , 和煦阳光和便当男孩 Genres: Comedy Romance Slice of life Yaoi Author(s): Minaduki Yuu Summary: Nonomura Heita, a high-schooler, takes care of the last boarder left at his grandfather's house after his grandmother passed away.The boarder is a translator named Miharu, who insists that Heita make a bentou for him every day.Should such a wifely duty be given to a high school boy?Or will the duties someday go beyond just making bentou?

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