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This only strengthens the aggressive feel of the album and David’s playing cuts through the mix like a sharp knife running right through your spine.

If you compare the fast solo between verse 2 and 3 with the bluesy solo in the mid section of the song you can hear how David uses the Yamaha to create dynamics between a wet swirling tone and by not using the effect a dry, earpinching tone.In an interview with Guitar Player in January 2009, Phil Taylor says that he introduced David to the Big Muff as early as 1974 (Phil joined as road crew in June 1974 and bought a lot of new equipment for David during the summer months including new Hiwatts, WEM cabs and the Jedson slides) although there’s no sign of it in David’s 1974-75 rig nor can it be heard.It was also around this time when David and Phil started tracking down vintage guitars, some of which are still in David’s possession today like the ’55 Fender Esquire (as seen on the About Face cover), the #0001 Strat and the ’58 Gretsch Duo Jet (last used on Where We Start studio and live versions).In October 1974, after a short tour in France in June, the band spent four weeks at the Elstree Film Studios and King’s Cross in London producing a brand new stage show for the upcoming British (British Winter Tour ’74) and North American tours.During the session they wrote two new songs – Have a Cigar and You Gotta be Crazy (later renamed Dogs).

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