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- Yeah, you earned them flying - to Denver to meet your whore. Well, she's not afraid to express herself sexually - if that's what you mean. There had to be some nice moments, during the courtship, maybe? Maybe that would fall under the category of creepy. I sleep over at John's house every year for his birthday. I guess it is a little creepy when a young man who happens to be an only child loses both of his parents in a tragic accident one month before his birthday and then has a best friend make a vow that he will never spend his birthday alone again. Look, I knew I was never gonna be a professional bullfighter, - but that's not why I did it. Oh, that's Mae Lin's adopted son Benny, the veterinarian. We are gonna have tons and tons of opportunities to meet gorgeous ladies that are so aroused by the thought of marriage, that they'll throw their inhibitions to the wind. Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, pal!

Or do you go right in and just kiss 'em on the lips or don't kiss 'em at all?

And have some Latin guy sweating all over you, talking to you in languages you don't understand, - needing you, wanting you, taking you? Could you give her a glass of water so she can take that?

If you guys want to throw a couple miles at us, we'll take a couple.

how could you not have a good time - eating crab cakes?

It's a great band, it's a bad band, it's like pizza, baby.

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