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Cosgrove Watt, Disney Leith; 35 mm; 34 minutes; black and white; sound. Bain; 78 mm; 39 minutes; color; silent w/ closed-caption subtitles. MAGNETIC VIDEO, PRIVATELY RELEASED BY LATRODECTUS MACTANS PRODCUTIONS“Immanent Domain” - B. Birch; 35 mm; 88 minutes; black and white w/ microphotography; sound. 2,222 still-frame close-ups of middle-aged white males suffering from almost every conceivable type of pain, from an ingrown toenail to cranio-facial neuralgia to inoperable colo-rectal neoplastis. UNRELEASED DUE TO LITIGATION BY 1960’S US CONCEPTUAL DIRECTOR OF “VARIOUS SMALL FIRES” ED RUSCHA- INTERLACE TELENT CARTRIDGE RE-RELEASE #330-54-94 (Y.

Kosinski/Updike/Peckinpah parody, a dentist (Birch) performs sixtenn unanesthetized root-canal procedures on an academic (Tolan) he suspects of involvement with his wife. Cosgrove Watt, Judith Fukuoka-Hearn, Pam Heath, Pamel-Sue Vorrheis, Herbert G. Anonymous cast; 35/78 mm; 6 minutes; color; silent. Johnson; 16 mm; 25 minutes w/ recursive loop for automatic replay; color; silent w/ sounds of human coitus appropriated from and credited to Caballero Control Corp. Parody of neoconceptual structuralist films of Godbout and Vodriad, n-frame images of myriad varieties of small household flames, from lighters and birthday candles to stovetop gas rings and grass clipings ignited by sunlight through a magnifying glass, alternated with anti-narrative sequences of a man (Watt) sitting in a dark bedroom drinking bourbon while his wife Heath and an Amway representative (Johnson) have acrobatic coitus in the background’s lit hallway.

Numerous memes have spread through the site, some original and others finding their way from 4chan and Twitter.

Important to note about Tumblr and memes though - because of the site's self-awareness, memes become old .

The brand, which has achieved a reputation of impeccable hipness under creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, enlisted director Spike Jonze, Ryan Heffington, the choreographer behind Sia's "Chandelier" video, and actress and dancer Margaret Qualley to create a clip that throws all previously established perfume ad clichés out the window. A forlorn Qualley excuses herself to an empty lobby.

The typical fragrance ad ticks off enough stereotype ads to the point that regularly parodies the form. Qualley, clad in an emerald evening gown, sits at some sort of French award ceremony, but as the camera slowly zooms in, her expressions reveal that something more pressing is on her mind. She looks around deep in thought, then stares directly at the camera ...before getting her fucking freak on.


Accordingly, though the works are here listed in what is considered by archivists to be their probable order of completion, we wish to say that the list’s order and completeness are, at this point, not definitive.

Each work’s title is followed: by either it’s year of completion, or by ‘B.

S.’, designating undated completion before Subsidization; by the production company; by the major players, if credited; by the storage medium’s ('films’) gauge or gauges; by the length of the work to the nearest minute; by an indication of whether the work is in black and white or color or both; by an indication of whether the film is silent or in sound or both; by (if possible) a brief synopsis or critical overview; and by an indication of whether the work is mediated by celluloid film, magnetic video, Inter Lace Spontaneous Dissemination, TP-compatible Inter Lace cartridge, or privately distributed by Incadenza'a own company(ies). 4,444 individual frames, each of which photo depicts lights of different source, wavelength, and candle power, each reflected off the same unpolished tin plate and rendered disorienting at normal projection speeds by the hyperretinal speed at which they pass. Players uncredited; 35 mm; 21 minutes; color; silent w/ deafening Wagner/Sousa soundtrack. Child-sized but severely palsied hand turns pages of incunabular manuscripts in mathematics, alchemy, religion, and bogus political autobiography, each page comprising some articulation or defense of intolerance and hatred.

The designation UNRELEASED is used for those works which never saw distribution and are now publicly unavailable or lost.“Cage” - Dated only 'Before Subsidiaztion.’ Meniscus Films, Ltd. CELLULOID, LIMITED METROPOLITAN BOSTON RELEASE, REQUIRES PROJECTION AT .25 NORMAL SPROCKET DRIVE“Dark Logics” - B.

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