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Why then not also love the murderer instead of applying civil punishment?

Therefore, by using such an argument we must then all become liberal activists carrying banners that say “united against the death penalty”.

But who is then this ‘authority’ that scripture speaks of?

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But this is the endless circular reasoning you will always encounter with millions of these ‘blind leading the bind’.

But you would never find these explain to their congregants who truly are these Paulicians, Albigenses, Bogomils, Manicheans and Cathars. Their belief stemmed from the East, from a Zoroastrian named Mani (3rd century).

After a pilgrimage to India, Mani came back to preach in Iran.

But you would never see sola-scripturists with a Bible in hand carrying such placards.

So even if you bring up the Bible, or even the Church fathers, these would still object arguing that the ‘fathers’ ordained the “killing of millions of sola-scripturist saints”.

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