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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.I just love being nude outdoors, there's nothing like the feeling of freedom and wellbeing i get from having the warm sun and air on my entire body, it's so liberating to be free from clothing in the open air that i can't get enough of it, and now that summer's here i'm going to...I ride out to an area I know well now, it's a hot day, my t-shirt is off in a second.

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Last year, me and a couple of friends from my neighbourhood went on a hike around the local area, about eleven miles in all.It was a blast, a hundred or so people hanging out and competing in Motorcycle rally events, but naked.We had never competed in any events at any rally before, but had a blast and learned... I frequently go there to run the trails because it's so peaceful in the woods. I went to the park where I've been getting naked and playing with myself.I have found remote spots just of my town where I can lay naked on a riverbank and not be bothered, even skinny dip for a while with no...Very few places in New Jersey are secluded enough to really be alone, without travelling far.

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