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And Mei, a teenager, grappling with her identity in modern Australia.Of course they see the world differently to their mother.The Golden Phoenix, a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast.The last customers have left for the night, and Pearl can unwind.Immerse yourself in an exciting journey from concept development to finished animation in multiple styles.

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With that in mind, Animation at JMC has been developed in association with studio professionals from Pixar and Animal Logic, and is born of a love affair between technology, creativity and science.

The aim of this subject is to build an awareness of a reliable and thorough creative process.

It aims to instil commitment, individual and group, to that process, and to provide working tools for the origination and development of creative projects.

By Michelle Law Director Claire Christian Set & Costume Designer Moe Assaad Composer & Sound Designer Wil Hughes Lighting Designer Keith Clark Stage Manager Peter Sutherland Assistant Stage Manager Keiren Smith Single Asian Female was commissioned by and premiered at La Boite Theatre Company in Brisbane 2017.

This work was developed with the assistance of the Lotus Playwriting Project, an initiative of Playwriting Australia and Contemporary Asian Australian Performance (formerly Performance 4a).

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