Digital dating desperation or necessity

The 13th Black Crusade had been a triumph for the servants of the Dark Gods, and the Eye of Terror began to slowly expand without limit, opening Abaddon the Despoiler's coveted Crimson Path to Terra and creating the Great Rift.Yet a handful of Imperial heroes had successfully escaped the fall of Cadia with the aid of the newborn Eldar faction known as the Ynnari through a Webway gate found on the ice moon of Klaisus in the Cadian System.He had the massive fragments of the Will of Eternity hurled from orbit like an artificial asteroid onto the surface of Cadia.

By that time, the few surviving Imperial forces had evacuated the planet, harried by the ships of the Black Fleet.Many times throughout its history, the Imperium has known great danger, yet rarely have matters been as bleak as this.The barbarous Orks multiply and spread in every corner of the galaxy, bringing mindless devastation to all in their path.The hellish energies of the Warp press close against the veil of reality, and every day brings inevitable doom a little closer...To dwell within the Imperium of Man is to inhabit a dystopian nightmare.

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