Error message updating windows vista

I'm thinking it might have something to do with me rolling back to previous builds after trying out a new...i've tried following all the steps but i keep getting this error in preparation mode at 75%.sfc/scannow finds this error: 2015-10-02 , Info CSI 00000291 Cannot repair member file "aero.msstyles" of... Tried regular checks to verify system components and online image and windows update service diagnostics, cleaned up Software Distribution, turned off non-Microsoft auto starting services, - all to no avail.... I have encountered a lot of problems with this new OS.This is what happens: I tried installing Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant to fix it, but it comes back with error 0xc1900204 Could anyone please shed some light onto what I should do? I tried checking for updates again and it came up with the same update.I restarted my computer for it to install after it had downloaded and the same problem has happened again.

Update Quick Time: To update Quick Time, install the latest version from

Otherwise you can get the result as follows: How do I see the results of a CHKDSK that ran on boot? If clear or fixed, now From an admin command prompt [Windows key X, click command prompt (admin)] sfc /scannow - this will take some time.

I know this might've already been addressed around here somewhere, but has anyone else had any trouble updating any apps through the app store?

Disable extensions to eliminate problems that a damaged or incompatible extension can cause.

When insufficient RAM is available for image editing, these applications use a scratch disk file.

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