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Every book is as unique and special as the person you are making it for. Throughout the book you can add your own messages and even drop in the odd photo if you want to. The Book of Everyone team researches the juiciest facts, combines them with stunning artwork and then personalises them using some smart algorithms to create a one-of-a-kind book.

There have been repeated recent atrocities – two in France and two in Germany just in the past year – in which terrorists were found to have been guided through messaging service by Isis “handlers” just before they struck.

The person who received the message has been extensively questioned, but freed after the police and MI5 concluded that he was not part of a plot and had no prior knowledge of what was unfolding on 22 March.

Eleven others detained following the attack were freed and have been cleared from inquiries.

It was made possible because Masood’s mobile telephone was recovered after he was shot dead.

Discovering Masood’s last recorded thoughts was the key part of the investigation into what lay behind the assault which started with him mowing down people on the road with a rented car and then stabbing a police officer, Keith Palmer, dead on the grounds of the House of Commons.

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