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That moment had passed, and staying in the game longer only meant more loss.After that conversation with Dan, the physical relief I felt was palpable, like I’d been unyoked. It was a nerve-wracking time, with one mollifying factor: I always felt at peace when I was in the house.Until this point I had been afflicted with “optimism bias,” which is when people believe that things will go better than they actually will, like thinking that the damaging effects of smoking will harm other smokers but not to you.I had taken a precipitous risk but never truly believed I was doing anything risky. And now here I was, one month on the market, two months on the market, and I couldn’t even get a showing. For six weeks off and on, my real estate broker, Linda Rooney, and I negotiated with a couple who came in way under list price. Then they’d come back three weeks later, inch up a little bit more and walk again. one night saying they’d reached an agreement on another house in Oak Park, they were about to sign a contract and this was our final chance to reconsider their last offer — please respond within the hour. 1: You don’t have to do business with someone if you feel like they’re using you as a stalking horse.Without fail, lunch or dinner, I’ve seen dolphins feet away, as well as stately pelicans. Service was wonderful, food & cocktails made for a great lunch. Call ahead before you come in to shorten your wait!Service is great, and food is spectacular – delicious and beautifully presented. Call (239) 765-1025 before you come in and we’ll place your name on our wait list.I stood to make a tidy profit, and all was right with the world.

Fortunately, my friend Dan Liberty, an experienced real estate investor, called me the night before I was going to meet with two lease applicants.“Don’t rent it,” he said. Just sell it and get your money back.”Of course I agreed with him, though “just sell it” was easy to say, hard to do. 2: I had to assess where I really was in the market, not where I wished I was.Finally, in mid-August, I had a flurry of showings and got a reasonable offer from a nice young family. When we listed the house, there were five houses — including mine — priced between 0,000 and 0,000. By the time I closed, one had canceled, one had closed the month before for ,000 under list, and the two others are still out there, greatly reduced. ” and I was always like, “No, honey, we’re definitely not going to lose money,” and he’d say, “How much money are we gonna make? 4: I learned that the part of house-flipping I like are the hassles and snafus of rehabbing, which are a chocolate-cake-picnic compared to the protracted anxiety of waiting for a house to sell.” and I’d say, “I don’t know, hon, somewhere between ,000 and 0,000.”Secretly, I believed we’d come out at the top end of the range. I was at the house pretty much every day for a year during renovations — let’s say, on average, I spent 10 to 20 hours a week there. She was a fresh-faced 14-year-old when she made her debut on Flipper in 1995.Now a fully-fledged A-list movie star Jessica Alba, 36, hasn't changed a bit since her time living on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, where the aquatic series was filmed.

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