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She was so independent that she always refused to give Jack a spare key to her house in Los Angeles.(Jack's grandfather):born 13 September 1865 in Fluvanna County, Virginia; died in Boston, Massachusetts Educated in the public schools of Charlottesville, in his native county, Edgar was apprenticed at the age of seventeen to the trade of carpentry, and at the termination of his apprenticeship in 1886, he went to Baltimore where he organised the Noel Construction Company in 1902.Among the buildings constructed by them were the Chicago City Hall and the Naval In 1948, 23-year-old Jack Lemmon was a charmer of the ladies during his Harvard University days before he graduated in 1943.And so little Courtney had both a half-sister and also half-brother Chris - Jack's son from his marriage to Cynthia Stone.Felicia admitted it was difficult being a stepmother to Chris - "At one point, I think he considered me to be an evil stepmother because he wanted his daddy to get back with his mummy.

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She wasn't highly-known but she was talented and had been working steadily in westerns and dramas.Felicia felt the same as she too had gone through a divorce.He joked that if she were to marry him, she would have an odd name.Felicia was feisty and was furious when she realised, during one of their arguments, that he wouldn't help her with finding good film roles as he said it would be better for her to make it on her own. Guests included Audrey Hepburn, Kim Novak and Joan Collins.But Jack was clearly devoted to her, nicknaming her 'Farfel'. Marilyn Monroe had also been invited but she sadly died two weeks before the wedding.

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