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This paper is primarily concerned with map-based (cartographic) games.

Even within the class of map-based games, a number of different sub-classes may be identified.

Or it may represent the travels of a fictional character. 5-23) devotes a chapter to the English games of this genre in the Georgian and Victorian eras. 46) in his book on the French Jeux de l’Oie gives a short note on the history of French geographical games, and Girard and Quétel do likewise (1982, p. Mascheroni and Tinti (1981, p.78) mention Italian geographical games briefly.

Indeed, the territory “represented” by the map may be entirely of the imagination – for example, the imaginary seascape in William Darton’s game published in 1836: type include some brief account of geographical variants. 257-256) includes a note on their history and development in his chapter on the game; see also Grand-Carteret (1895) and Rabecq-Maillard (1961, pp. The Buijnsters (2005, pp.137-138) note various examples held in the Netherlands.

However, no systematic treatment exists for the genre.

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The rules of each are contrasted with those of the parent game of Goose.There are those in which the playing track is laid out on the face of a single map, while others provide a separate track; or the track itself may consist of numerous small maps.The map may be in outline or relief and may be illustrated, for example with vignettes characteristic of each place, or may bear text characterising those places.De nombreuses variantes de ce jeu, qui trouve son origine dans l’Italie du XVI siècle, ont été développées.Parmi celles-ci, les jeux géographiques, souvent basés sur des cartes, représentent un genre important, apparu en France en tant que support éducatif.

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