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Fidget spinners are small devices with a bearing in the middle that allows you to spin it in your hand.They’re typically made from metal or plastic and come in a variety of designs and colors.But that’s just the arrivals who have as yet committed no crime other than to come here illegally.

We had been worn down by the constant news stories about foreigners whom the UK government was unable to deport — the child rapists, the fraudsters, the thieves, the gangsters, the jihadis who want us all dead, and just your plain old common-or-garden illegal residents.

But we’ve messed up his papers, so he’s staying put. So in desperation we’re spending £25 million on building them a nice prison there, maybe with views over Montego Bay. They act first and ask questions later, without giving the villains a chance of appeal.

There is a plethora of national and supra-national legislation protecting the rights of the foreign criminal: the Human Rights Act, the Dublin Convention, the -European Court of Human Rights, the European Courts of Justice. And yet the problem is largely of our own making, much though we may blame ‘Brussels’, the catch-all scapegoat for this ludicrous charade. But we’re British and do things by the book — as Myrtle Cothill discovered.

Hell, there are so many of these murderous maniacs running around, how on earth can one keep tabs on all of them?

Or how about CS — yes, it’s that privacy thing again.

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