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Status works exactly like Stories on Snapchat or Instagram.

Now on i OS, Status has its own tab on the extreme left at the bottom, followed by Calls, then Camera in the middle, followed by Chats and then Settings.

You have three options: “my contacts,” “contacts except…” and “only share with…” for your story.

On Android, the Status Privacy option is in the settings.

On Android, the tabs are ordered like this: Camera, Chats, Status and then Calls.

Watch our video of Whats App Status feature explained So what does Status do and what’s the point?

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Just tap the three dots on top of Whats App homepage, and you’ll see Status Privacy option on top. Read more: Whats App is gunning for Snapchat next with Stories in Status tab Just like Snapchat lets you see how many people have viewed your story, Whats App will let you do the same.

Just tap the eye icon at the bottom of any Status update to view a list of contacts who have seen your update. There is a reply button, so you can comment on any photo, video, or GIF.

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