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You will always feel at home as the comfort and hospitality provides just that and more.Cadi Kazani is open both in winter and summer as it has a cozy outdoor setting.There can be live music performances at night" (02/12/2010) In Lefkose / Nicosia Lorenza Cafe Address: Lefke Hani, No:5, Sur Ici, Lefkosa (Nicosia), Northern Cyprus..A gay-friendly cafe & restaurant recommended in 2008.

It is like a cafe house or garden bar where young people gathers for chatting in day time.The gambling casinos of the big hotels are open until morning, and many rich Turks from the mainland Turkey, where gambling is forbidden also visit North Cyprus for the sake of these Casinos.Here are some of the popular regular (non-gay) bars and clubs in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus." (Posted by Ali from UK in July 28 2010) "This is a very nice busy bar/club tucked in the backstreets good music good atmosphere was really surprised, I went on a Saturday night definitely a gay night and would definitely recommend." (Posted by Memetcan from UK on 22/07/2010) "I had one of the best holidays due to this bars atmosphere and I have been to many bars around the world the staff are mad for it, very friendly, and mixed crowd." (Deniz, UK, 27/02/2009) Casablanca Social Club & Bar (-) Adres: Atilla Sokak, No: 21, Eski Liman, Girne. Web: & & This venue was recommended as a gay-friendly bar back in 2008.You can try for the sake of good music and relaxed atmosphere if you are not expecting a visible gay scene Beer Point Address: Ziya Rizki Caddesi, No:280 Girne (Kyrenia), North Cyprus.

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