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Secondly, it is important to note that it is the US citizen who must suffer hardship for the exception to apply; hardship suffered by the foreign fiancée is not examined by USCIS.The second exception applies where a face to face meeting would be contrary to the US citizen petitioner's OR the foreign fiancée's culture for a man and a woman to meet in person before being married.The caveat, of course, is that the K-1 visa has several additional, specific requirements that the petitioner and applicant must meet.An extendable or retractable bond has more than one maturity date.Unfortunately, the lack of an in-person meeting will be an issue that will have be addressed with the immigration authorities, and it may well bar Jane's ability to obtain the fiancée (K-1) visa.This is because one of requirements of the K-1 visa is that the US citizen (the petitioner) and the foreign national (the beneficiary) must have met in person in the two years before the fiancée petition is filed.

Who can argue with online dating's potential to find a mate when the top sites have millions of registered users, and a multitude of sites catering to niche markets have been created for users who may want to date another parent, a farmer, a sea captain, a clown, a cat lover, a person who is tall, someone with specific political leanings, a goth, and so on. Individual tastes aside, online dating permits people from different corners of the world to meet virtually and establish a romantic connection with a person from outside one's own country of nationality.During winter, this track moves southwards and covers the northern Arabian Gulf.Only the Arabian Sea coast benefits to a limited extent from the passage of the monsoon.Whether a waiver will be granted depends on the particular circumstances present in each case.Whenever possible, meeting face to face avoids this complication and allows online daters to be one step closer to achieving their US immigration goal.

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