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In sntlclpstlon of en attempt by the 81nn Kelners to hold s meetlnc there. c Mlmsd that under lbs budget, while the rich would eaeape. and this oould parbapa bo largely traced to tha docility bf her pcpulatlon, ihihealtatlngly aooaptlng whatavar policy tha atata might dlo- tata. Kaafor, Po K Arthur, appaalad and tha appaal carried. “1 taat ilka rafuslng to put this motion and sevarlng my oonnect^n with the chair,** Dr. It Is poaalbla tba diaciiaatnn on Bllaala will ba before a full raaatlng of the Supreme Allied Couneli so far as known, hut no daflnlts decision on this point had baan rsachsd early to* day It was ballavad M. These eontain gold and platinum, but ths ordinary methods of washing have mada only small wagss for those en- gaged Ib the work. far Insomnia B(X)TLEGGERS LOSE CARGO OF WHISKY Progressive Leader Finds Fault With Increase of National Debt — Answers Criticism 6n His Ministeri Sil Actions WASHINGTON JEALOUS OF OIL h UVILEC PRINCE RUPERT. SI, 649 Yatc» Street V/ H EE 3 MOST PEOPLE TRAOEi Phone 12J2 Bring Your Doctor Prescription to Terry's A t either of the Two Terry Drug Store* your doctor'* prescription will be compounded by fully qualified druggists, and only the purest of drugs will be used. Canon Vernon is asnersi eecr« yiry for socisl service of the Church 9 f Knglsnd in Canada, and hla wide txperlence In social welfars work in the Maritime Provinces adds apeclal (merest to hts first ofnclal' visit to Pacific Coast and Victoria. Simply mail ths coupon and watch the delifhtful regulta. Jacob Aaraaaoo’a Now A Bocoad'Uaad diara, Itl Jobaaoa Su, aad Pbano HI..

Throe Boolsllet scltstors had already arrived, but notlnc ths state of strstrs. The Belfast corporation previously re- Gcaeral Strike in Aacuacdoa BUENOS ATRES, Hay 17. ths peer maa weald have ts pay mere for his eatmesl aad Single-Handed, Disarms and Disperses B^nd of Fifteen Insurgents Who Attempt to Examine His Papers MANITOBA RE NATURAL WINNIPEa. Quieting of Storm Over Non- Appearance of Nova Scotia Witnesses Is Followed by ^Second Disturtance Qualities yon can depend opoo, all reliable luakra, and you nrc sure of getting a full round dollar's worth of value for your money. British Observers Expect Pre- miers to Reach Understand- ing at Coming Conference — Korfanty Wakes Offer COMBINATIONS OTTAWA, May IT. raprasantlng tha com pan lea, that they would be praaant on Oatur* day; tha carrying over tha o Aolal ruling of Or. obnlrman, of • motion authorising Um calling af wlt- oaaaas as to coat of ooal production In Wastam mlnaa. Briand would appear before (be French Chamber of Deputies Thursday, malis a statsmsni of bis visws and demand a vats ct oonadanoa. Now a naw machine has been In- vested and is being used on Maseet Inlet, and Id proving very sureesafu L As a result a number of machines ars to bs installed at Rose Spit, Caps Flfs and farther down the coast. May 17.— Pro- vincial Cons Uble Saint and City Con- stable Logan, In the police launch, while searching for an eeeapod pris- oner, ehaeed a boat to Matlakatla Passage shortly after midnight. These drug stores are not only kept open until late at ni^ht for your convenience, but there is also maintained a motor delivery service so that your requirements can be filled with a minimum of delay. The general subject for the course )f lect Qrea on social service to he do- dvered at th# Victoria dumpier Behool Is: "The Social Tank of tho Church as seen by ths Lrd Alveratone had held that the trans- action came within the terms of the statute, and that there was no essen- tial difference between it and an ordi- nary bet. The New Laws on teeth cleaning — Bve of them Dwtel ici— « s has adopted new lawg oa te«th klaaaina. '*** almaai aaw, |t4; Parfact btcycla, with aaw lir OA | 1 *: f* ladlaa' aacoad-haad blcyclaa, ra Irom III: II* blcyclaa ta cbaaaa tram.

Hunter waa obviously under tha in- fluano* of aoma powerful drug, and aa no aana* oould b* got out of him, ^a waa laft te alaap IL off wkll* th* two lada and th* two woman ran out In aaarah of th* abaaotasa. D RESMMAKt NO — Blaaaa A kimaaaa aad aliaratlaaa promp Uy daba Badbi l A Ifl W Tataa Siraat.

THay atlil had bopaa i Jl At th* tralnar had for aoma raaa o n taken out th* hors* for early axarolae, but on aaoandlng the knoll near tha houqg, from whlcn all the neighboring moor* war* vla- «bla, they nnt only eould aae no algae of tha mlaslng favorite, but they par- i calved somathlng which warned them they war* In th* praaan* of a tra- gedy. ramadaltlag ckildraaa elalbaa; modaiata charga A pbaaa D REMBMAKINc I — E*aalag draaao A ra modal Uag: all kiada at aaadlawarh.

Belfast Shipyard Workers An- ticipate Proposal of Sinn Feiners to Use Building for Election Purposes LOYAL LEGION VOTES FOR WAGE REDUCTION Refuse to Allow Food Trains to Pass Into Polish Insurgent Area — Children’s Lives Endangered by Lack of^Milk — Plan Adopted to Starve Out Forces of Korfanty Places 150^000,000 Gold Marks in Foreign Cur- rency at Disposal of Reparations Commission, to Be Paid at Once in Any Designated Place — Balance of Billion Promised. — Wax* reduction of Mven and a half cent* an hour wax voted late today by the board of dlrectora of, the Loyal Legion of Loccem and Lumbermen, effective June t.

The minimum wace was fixed at II for common labor, and will apply equally on.

and h* waa wounded bn tha thigh, wher* there wa* a 'long, clean cut, Inflletad avidantly by soma very aharp Inatruniant.

It clear, however, that Btrakar had dafandad hlmaalf vigoroualy against his aasallanta, \ for In hla .

"The soldiers were entitled to the beet; but these women were, too," thought the speaker. MONTREAL, May 17.— The Cana- dian Government Merchant Marine freighter, Canadian Beaver, will be the first steamer to leave this port for Vancouver, via the Panama Canal. leader of the Progressives, today made his awaited speech on the bndget. Crerar’s eontributtoif aroused attention and filled the Houae. Melgtaen's speech as "an ex- hibition of cheap po HUeal vaudeville occupying two and a half hoars." Mr. Minister of Marino, sharply Intsvposed the query whether Mr. Crarar warmly replied, "that are era s UII In favor ef ineraaslng tho Bnuah prsforewea to 44 per eent." Again, whlls lefs rri n g to ths Tsrk- fhinbary by-sisetloa. Crerkr qaotsd tho saadi- Mlnlster oould sscurs a score of wlt- neeseo. short sleeves, knee length - BB,00 W E have just received from London (England) a very fine line of Aneroid Barometers. The commission and its chairman had given the commit- tee much valuable assistance, be de- clared. fort god Doogto* a 1 U pro Ats madh by expeditionary foroe eantaena. In fact, o M tn athoda brong h t tea eppoa h e afiacte Pepoodant h M introdnesd a saw arm in taste claaadng. TRICOLETTE BLOUSES— Handsomely embroidrred and beaded over-blouse styles in these poi.Springtime fabric*. Herrick Mc Oyegor, one of the member* of the ayndicate. MAY IS, 1921 Sherlock Holmes Stories Harp** * Braa.

The Germans figure that Kbrfanty cannot bold out longer than two weeks with his present supplies. — Little change has occurred In the military situation in Upper Silesia during the last 48 ho)irs, according to the latest ofllcial telegrams. The insurgents on Sunday fired on the inter-allied police with field artillery near the railway station at Gogolin. Soprsms Oounoll sohsdulsd Silsslan situation without bloodshed wssk«s(Ml In Bou Mwao or Os- Vnd wllhowt ssorif Icing ths dignity of tend, to consider tns Upper BUss Isn the Allies, Is to create an Indspsn- question. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE ENJOYS PROSPERITY Legisiatlon which will have tho ef- fect 6f standardising housework end placing it among tho profeeslona. Clll be brought into effect in the course df time If the recent deliberations of Oto Canadian Counoll of immigration have ths hoped-for results In rousing ^bllo opinion in this direction. Nearly all ^e women of Great Britain rendered I sr service of some kind, a fact hich. Final figures place the total popu- lation of the outlying populations of the United States at said afteiw ar da: "I have haan through fear years war. Cannon, a cousin of "Unolo Joe" Oail- ann, former Speaker of the United Itetee House of Representatlvsa, died at bki beme her# yesterday In hie 14th year. forxssr partner la the firm af Oawak I Brothem, stock brekera of this city, eras asa Uaead t JHs morning by Chief Justlca Decarle to two yaam* Imprtsea m sat oa en ck of three charges sn which he was fsaad galhy. ^ Rrtlreanent on Conditions OPPELJ^, May IT.— Ths Polish executive committee In Silesia, of which Adalbsr V Korfanty is prssl- dent, has tslegrapred to the Inter* Allied Commission hsrs, stating ths Insurgents ars rsady to rstlrs, suf- flolently to Insurs Immedlats oss Shtlon of hostilities with ths Qsrmans, pro* vidlng tbs grsund they abandon Is ocouplsd by AUlsd and not by Ger* man trooiw. May IT.^A clash be- tween Colonel John Currie, North Slmcoe, and Hon. Roche with trying to overrldo Par- liament and force hla own wlebea on the oommltteo, featured Monday af- temoon'a meeting of the special Uouae committee on amendments to the Civil Servioo Act. Klenzo Dental Creme White teeth, healthy gum# and a clean month. Ths Psnsions Commlttse this morn- ing heard reprsoontatlvas of Domin- ion L*nda with regard to sat Uement sebemss. Film clings te tssth, s i ste r s crevicaa and suya. So faw kava sac ap o d aoaia form of film Two ways art now known to* fight film. Ti Mding dantsate suryhars now a d r i as thair daily naa. Sm how taate whitan m tha fibn- Fthn abaorbo alaii tea taate look dingy basis of tartar. It ia tea holda food Modam aiarchy dial ala# calls far otear bdpa to Natart. Raynor places a high value on agricultural education. Pair 95.50 Ladies* Cross Strap Pumps, military heels. Pair ...9X.75 Men’s Canvas Boots and Oxfords, leather soles.

A serious shortage of food is being felt throughout the disturbed area. Is being discussed here In dent stats of Upper Silesia. she feart-d, was too soon for- Cottsn by the people of this country. — Mayor Hsrdle received word thla morning that the Camegls' Foundation had voted 125,040 for a public library building here. Tft, which bringe the papulation for the oatire country and its poeoasalona to IIT,- 154,254. — Daspl U tbs hot weather ever the Whltsan holiday yaeterday, drakkennese the asstropolie and nreaa adjacent nam- barad leas than fifty. bat that waa the asrvlsst thing 1 ever aaw," Vommtm of "Uweie Joe" CWamoa TORONTO. The dec«*acd fought In the Confederate Army In the An«er1- enn Civil Wat mad was bom tn Nor- folk, Va. Franco* Belgian Agreement __ PARIS, May IT.— Prasldant Mllfar* and conferred on tha Upper SUeslan question with King Albert of Belgium and members of the French and Bel* glan ministry yastarday. Tha attltnde that Belgium and Franca would take In oaaa Germany would send troops Into Upper Sileala without authorisation from the At* Ilea waa dtsouaasd, ths nswapapar assarts, and compists agrssmsnt waa I rsachsd. William Foran, eecretary of the commlselon, waa on the stand when the committee waa resumed, and was being examined on the clauses Mt the proposed bll L Dr. 'People who use Klenzo regularly tell us that it keeps their teeth white, their gumi firm, and their mouths healthy, clean and comfort- able, with that cool, clean, Klenzo feeling. Bote art asnhodiad in Papao- dant — a a ci s nt Mk tooth paatc. Ac- cording to ths present regulations, high school agriculture In British Columbia oonslata of a courae In- volving the junior and matriculation yeara In which agriculture and either phystes, chemistry or botany may be taken In the regular science option as an alternative to a language. It offers special Inducements to students Intending to take up farm life on leaving school, or to enter the teaching profession, as it carries the flmt yea.r rural science certlffcate. Pair, 9^.00 Pacific Problems May Be Solved Through Common Language and Understand- ing, Declares Speaker 633-S Ystes Street WATSON’S Phone 26 The Home of Good Footwear which it waa allexad wa* the unpaid balance due from the defendant*. position was that of inort- Elisor as truatee for the member* of the ayndicate.

KATTOWITZ, May 17.— All food trains into the Polish in- surgent area have been stopped by order of the high command of the German civil defence organization, which asserts that the Germans in the occupied area have made an appeal that all eftorts to feed the hungry cease, adding: “Let us starve with the Poles for the sake of Germany.” „ The British, who have charge of the transportation of food, de- clare that seven thousand litres of milk urgently needed to save the lives of probably 20,000 German and Polish children are being held here, as well as supplies of flour and meat, because the Germans de- cline to drive trains across the Korfanty frontier. P, P„ Em just returned from Ottawa after • Aendlng the sessions of this body, ^d yesterday afternoon addressed a bia meeting of Women's Canadian y Club members at the Kmarees Hotel, ^e speaker Brought the matter up b the course of that part of her talk 4rhtch was devoted to immigration, ifhloh she trs Ated, as she treated all ether matters under diecneslon. "when the war was over and the Armistice signed the British Isles Yere left with a tremendous surplus t women, who outnumbered the men some three and a half mll Uona," I kid Mrs. The delagatlon wilt also ask for bottor traata»eat ef rstorasd seldlsro In dlstrvws and protection sf Maa U toba's power In ths Winalpsg Rlvsr, BBUTHEN. British control offlesr, ledlured and dlsarined fifteen Polish Insurgents who hatted Mm at three o'clock In tbs morning aad attempted to examine his papsm and giva him orders. the send Uion af Sir Sam Hughey formar Minister ef Militia, has takae' s deftalts turn fsv the bsilsr. Btaala rulad out of ordar a motion to call certain Wastam oparatora came to a head with tha receipt of talagrama from tha Kastam operators that mors time would ba naadad to secure the Information desirad. Guthrie, of Ottawa, raprasantlng tha companlaa, made a special plea that peace waa rastorad on this point. Btaala announced that it waa not now In df Qar to aak a ruling on hta daclalon that 'V^aatam operators oould not ba oallad. While awaiting a reply Korfanty la strsngthenlng the frontier forces. They did, however, urge that olassincatlon be untouched. Archibald, director of experi- mental farma saw no advantage In the work of the commission as It af- fected Its branch. Had ths appoint- ment been delayed most of the hens would have died while tifey were aaiting. Bergdolt was today asn- tsnoed In the Federal Distriot Court to ono year and one day in tha At- lanta penitentiary for oonspiraoy to aid her sons. 3— MMdp Ucd slhalintty of the sa Uva, to nen- tr alias month acids which canss tooth dscay. Ti Vt AIVl e er\x l(VDMy Tube Free ** TUNmm^Day THE PBPt ODBNT COMPANY. Ths scholarship will be awarded to ths boy making the highest marks In junior matriculation t Agriculture Option) at the Victoria High Rchool, auch student to hsvs completed ths ^hlgh school courso In sgricultars and to have passed successfully ths Canadian standard efficiency teat.

The Germans say they will take charge of the transportation of milk, but will not haul food, which is likely to fall into insurgent hands. — The poxslbllltf coi Vsspondant Of Ths London Times ta*th^”lirrthsoi Sg bs Usvss ths only solution sf ths t,,. Bmlth, In leading up to ths uestlon of Imm Urration. Whu M soon hs brtagtog daw n a bad gat sf p r ssp STOWS tlwiaa. Thq eolonel jumped oat of hla autoanoblla aad shoutod: "What are you boya doing out at this tjmo artth guas T Olva ma year POPULATION OF U. PLACED AT 105.710.620 WASHINGTON, , May 17.— Final statls Uea placing the total population of continental United State# at 145.- 714.424 ikere eabmitted today by ths census bureau. Hli Msstal nymptsms are now reported as SMiig sssee selks- factory tfesa for wme tlms past. Bav* aral of tha witnaasas could not ba found, and It was only whan Mr. Tha German ihterasts object to the I ropoeed special currency Issue on the grounds that ultimatsly It would he worthlass. C Electric Watch Inspectors w MMMi‘'Wife Saving Station’*MMw«a Mi This week only — Regular .00 Hotppint Electric Off ] Iron for Don’t miss this great bargain opportunity, OTTAWA. Roche, chair- man of the Civil Barvioe Commlaalon, In which the former charged Dr. Satis f action with ths appolntnoents of ths dvll S ervlos Commission was expressed by Dr. Dsvllls, surveyor- general In the Department of the Interior, before the committee on the Spinney civil service bill this morning. Aocordingly a man was appointed provisionally, and tha post adver- tised, with oars taken that the man In question eeoured the position. Archibald’s objections to the oomralsison were principally those of delay and unneoasaary expense. Rollef of oaaos of dlstrene among soldlars suoh as ara not oov- vrad by any Govemmsnt f Ond. Providing moans for borsaved mothers and arldowa to jonmoy to France fo visit ths graves. Ws are Prompt, We are Careful, We nae the Beat PHILADEUPHIA. Th M Pepaodsat fithts two do- posits— film sad stsrch— which nsay do great hotm to tooth. Two metl KMU now Brmffi a new era 1— -Fifkt the film Tho irat low is to fight film that viacoao coat yon fao L It dis M tha tooth and canoes moat tooth tr^bias. Dopi.n,na«EWaa Mh aw^cms Mafl Ifi-Doy Tabs of — s T il A adaetific film combatant, whoaa avary application bri Bga firs daairad affacta. and now advised by leadfng dantista c sa iy wb af a. Being himself a graduate of ths Ontario Agricultural Co Jbege at Uuelph, Dr. Pair 9^.85 Ladies’ Cross Strap Pumps, I.r Ouis heels. laiga llabiag raal A bde; Olllo Cta adtaly tab rasari, fill; ■•lack crooraat wraacbo A III Ocraaan Hohbar mouth organa, lia, largo ’ ^ ttarmaa Habnar arcardloa, |IT.

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