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The following morning she gives Macario the turkey for lunch, and the happy lumberjack rushes to the forest to eat it.

Deep in the woods with his wife's gift, Macario is about to eat his cherished meal when three strangers ask him to share his food.

What is know for sure is that at certain point in his life, Traven traveled to Mexico and became fascinated with the country's rich culture and natural beauty, as well as with its complex social issues.

The novella "Macario" (published in German as "Der Dritte Gast", literally, "The Third Guest", but known in English as "The Healer") is another of his best known works, and the source novel of one of Mexico's most fascinating and beautiful films: Roberto Gavaldón's "Macario".

Macario denies it to the first two, but feels compassion for the third (Enrique Lucero), who later reveals himself as Death.

In exchange for the meal, Death gives Macario a water that has the power to cure everything.

Here's Cecilia Velastegui shared with Literanista: Q: What inspired you to write the book?

Perhaps one of the most amazing figures in modern literature is that of the enigmatic author B.Traven, whom despite having been a successful writer during his lifetime, to this date the details of his life remain unsolved mysteries.Better known for having written the novel "Der Schatz der Sierra Madre" ("The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", basis for John Huston's classic film of the same name), very few is known about the mysterious writer, and even his nationality is a matter of debate (clues point to him being either American or German).By mixing factual and real historical details, such as the methodical steps of an Andean shaman’s blessing, I wanted to bring the reader into the Andean world of yesterday and today.For many years, I’ve studied the 16th and 17th century Spanish Colonial chronicles of Cieza de Léon, Juan de Betanzos, and Garcilaso de la Vega.

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