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On December 15th, a new lava flow was observed from the volcano's north-eastern crater.A vent began to shoot out spurts of molten lava which could then be seen flowing out of the crater and down the Sciara del Fuoco (“stream of fire”), the part of Stromboli's northern slope scarred by centuries of eruptions.This is the start of the main street, Corso Umberto, which then crosses the town before ending at Porta Catania.The entire street with its squares and terraces, shops, open-air cafés, and lanes leading from it, seems made just for sauntering and stopping to savor the views of Mt. Piazza IX Aprile, which lies along Corso Umberto, opens onto a terrace with a beautiful view of Mt. This piazza is where the older part of the town begins, marked by a square stone clock tower.The interior is decorated with a number of works dating from the 15th and 16th centuries, including the 15th-century Via Circonvallazione runs parallel to Corso Umberto, and a stepped road leads from here up to the Madonna della Rocca, a chapel whose ceiling is the rough rock from which it was carved.The route continues up to Castello di Taormina, 398 meters above sea-level on Monte Tauro.The flow of lava has since stopped, but volcanic activity remains elevated.

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Founded by the Hohenstaufens in the 13th century and altered several times in the 15th-17th centuries, it combines medieval and more recent features.Taormina's most famous landmark is the Greek Theater, originally built in the third century BC under Hiero II of Syracuse.But under Roman rule in the second century BC, it was completely rebuilt with all the characteristics of a Roman theater.It's about five kilometers from the center of town and accessible by bus link.Here are the ruins of another old castle and more excellent views.

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