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He also wants to see more job opportunities and expressed concern about Bermudians going away to learn a trade only to come back and find employers favoring foreign workers.Regarding the Americas Cup, he said many people in the area felt like they had been overlooked for something that has no benefits at all.But he also pointed to abandoned buildings in the area that he would like to see fixed up and put to use.The really terrible bus situation was also the main issue affecting one Boaz Island resident, who said buses do not show up when they are supposed to, or they leave from Somerset instead of Dockyard.He was the largest shareholder in Sandys Tribe, later this Parish.2017. Sandys North may have just played host to the biggest sporting event in Bermudas history, but constituents still have mixed feelings about what the Americas Cup meant for them.And there is no shortage of other issues affecting residents of Constituency 36, which is being contested once more by the Progressive Labour Partys Michael Scott and the One Bermuda Alliances Ray Charlton.Mr Scott won the seat at the last election by just eight votes and The Royal Gazette spoke to area residents to find out where they stand and get their take on local issues in the run-up to July 18.For George Hassell, who was still undecided as to who he would vote for, better guidance programmes and more activities for the youth are a priority.

He was a Member of Parliament for Andover in 1586 and accompanied King James on his triumphal progress through England when he ascended the throne on the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Having helped build the Oracle Team USA camp, he said: The Americas Cup was great to have pulled off. The resident known in the area by his nickname Yeehaa, agreed the bus situation is a big problem in the West End, adding hed like to see one bus every hour during off peak times.

Some people said they got nothing from the trickledown effect, but I did. He also raised concerns about food prices and urged government to make education its priority, along with finding a solution to the islands gang problems.2017. An eco-friendly business hub could become the new tenant at Cross Island after the Americas Cup sets sail.

But she described Mr Scott as very approachable, and pointed to the events he hosts for families in the area twice a year.

As an educator in the public school system, she also said she had no confidence in how the OBA administration had handled problems within the education system.

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