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So she’s pretty determined to keep him from going to prison,” Northeast said.

This week, Evie found out that Andy Barrett (Tai Hara) was involved in the shocking explosion that killed two residents of Summer Bay.

It opened so many new doors for me, not only in a career sense, but also because I relocated my life and moved to a new city.

During a callback, Northeast was paired with various actors to find Evelyn's twin brother Oscar.

A few months after settling into Summer Bay, Evelyn developed her first major relationship with Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher).

The couple eventually broke up when Josh began using drugs.

According to Back to the Bay, the actor has confirmed his departure from the show.

Northeast released a statement on how Josh’s departure would affect her character.“[Evie is] completely distraught with the loss of her family so Josh [did not] think it’s the right time to tell her …

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The actress was cast in the role after a successful audition and a callback, in which she was paired with various actors to find the right one to play Evelyn's brother.Most of Evie’s love ones have died already and she had dealt with several losses in Summer Bay.This made Northeast think her character may probably be “cursed,” The Bit Bag noted.“We did joke that Evie was now the bigger curse with everyone around her dying,” Northeast told Stuff New Zealand.“I was also a little bit fearful that I was going to die after hearing that everyone else was going. I think it’s the true nature of these kinds of show that they’ve got to have that big shock factor occasionally.But I didn’t realise it would be everyone around my character’s life that would go,” Northeast added.Another character that is close to Evie is about to go as well – her boyfriend Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher).

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