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The You Tube video of the employee skiing down the most difficult ski slope this side of the Alps is beneficial in controlling the cost of the workers’ compensation claim only if the employer and the adjuster are aware of the video and have obtained a copy of it.With the electronic age, there is a lot of information available, if the person investigating the claim has the electronic capacity and the professional expertise to locate it.Often there is information available in social media that proves the claim is bogus or inflated.The skilled insurance adjuster can frequently uncover information about previous insurance claims or prior medical treatment, but does not have the skill, the time or the capability to do private investigator type work through all the social media sites.These pictures show the employee is capable of physical activity that they have denied to the doctor, the employer and the adjuster.Investigators Go Beyond Typical Searching In addition to the above social media websites, a private investigator can often connect information on Craigslist, E-Bay, blogs and personal websites to the injured employee.An inquiry by the private investigator about the price of the barbell weight set, and why the employee is selling the weight set, will provide the adjuster and employer insight into the validity of the claim.

The more ‘brownie points’ your website gets the better it will rank. Well there are a million and one ways to get backlinks, but below I have listed a few sites and ideas where you can get free backlinks from.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Ning, the Marc Andreesen-backed social network creation service, has reached 100,000 networks. When an employee presents an un-witnessed, subjective injury workers’ compensation claim, the smart employer will encourage the work comp adjuster to verify the validity of the claim.However, most employees who commit workers’ compensation fraud do not maintain their fraudulent façade consistently throughout the course of their insurance claim.

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