Questions to ask while dating lds

The questions in this book are perfect for LDS couples.There are so many questions I wouldn't have thought to ask, but I was so happy to learn the answers to them.I prefer to verbally answer the questions with my fiancee.It would have been more practical if it was cheaper, smaller book, with just the questions listed. I just don't understand why anyone would give any author that is doing good any sort of bad review. I just don't understand why anyone would give any author that is doing good any sort of bad review.In regards to this book, I would give this book to all my girlfriends who were even considering getting married.Personally, there is too much divorce in the world...too many people just can't communicate.

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* What have you done financially to prepare for marriage? Let 300 Questions Every LDS Couple Should Ask Before Marriage help you discover how to design a happy and everlasting marriage.

Why do you think most people (male and female) are unaware of these privileges?

What do you think are some strategies to make these privileges recognized and acknowledged so that they can be mitigated, lessened and ended? Let’s get the conversation focused on those problems that are often difficult to see rather than the symbolic representation of just one of these privileges (wearing pants to church #46).

The questions helped me get to know my fiancee better.

Some of the questions were cheesy, redundant and/or real obvious questions a couple would ask in the early stages of dating.

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