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= compare The letter d with a date, after the name of a person, indicates the year of his death.

The following survey will serve to give an idea of the time re- quisite for a visit to the chief points of interest in the Rhenish provinces.

The number of miles placed before the principal places on railway-routes and highroads generally indicates their distance from the starting-point of the route or sub-route..

The number of feet given after the name of a place indicates its height above the sea-level.

A slight acquaintance with German is very desirahle for those who desire to explore the more remote parts of the Rhenish Pro- vinces. The cars of foreign visitors must display a special sign obtainable at the frontier custom-houses (fee 5 4), and their owners must tak£ out an official permission ('Erlaubniskarte' ; up to 30 days 40 Chapelle to Dusseldorf via Grladbach .

Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to drive automobiles or ride motor-bicycles. From Cleve to Duisburg vi A Moers 18 From Goch to Wesel 20.

6, 10, and 13) 3 Steamboat to Godesberg and Kdnigswinter (R.

Germany is influenced by the comparative proximity of the North Sea, which renders the temperature remark- ably mild. Germany is only about 42-48° Fahr M in the valley of the Rhine it rises to over 51°.

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V/ 2 Kreuznach and the Nahe Valley as far as Oberstein (R.

The reader is therefore recommended to acquire if possible such a moderate proficiency in the language as to render him intelligible to the servants, and to endeavour to adapt hia requirements to the habits of the country.

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