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In contrast to some other violent offenders leaving prison, William's debt to society still hadn't been paid. Until the day he dies, William will be considered a "sexual predator" by the state of Illinois.His address, photograph, and offenses are listed in an online registry, which William is obligated to update annually.Sex offenders are banned from using social-networking websites.

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Offenders whose victims were underage can't live within 500 feet of a school, public park, or day care center.

Throughout his prison term his family had visited him often and sent him money, but upon his release he couldn't move back home with them because his mother lives next door to a day care center and his sister has children at home.

Though he hadn't committed an offense against a child, William, like any paroled sex offender, can't live within 500 feet of a school, public park, or day care center, and he can't have unapproved contact with minors.

After prison, the lives of sex offenders are governed by a battery of legal restrictions intended to keep them from reoffending.

But those laws aim to prevent crimes by people who are strangers to their victims—as well as crimes targeting children.

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