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It’s almost like looking at the decade old Gamecube game, Animal Crossing where you’re in some sort of land where you have to make friends with locals and decorate your house, while the freedom to do what you want is immense in this game it truly has nothing to compare in terms of Ikea’s app.

The unique thing about this app is that, unlike other decorating themes, this isn’t boring, because ultimately there are infinite combos that you can place together in your new kitchen.

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You want to be able to compare things and undo certain mistakes that you might make with colors or new equipment.

Perhaps you want to see the dangers that can come to your children because of your new design?

They even let you look at the set up from the view point and perspective of a three foot child, or little person.

Ikea has come out with a new technological system that’s available through steam and its here to help you plan your new kitchen.

Available on an app which can be seen through the HTC Vive, they are offering technology to look into setting up your new kitchen. Maybe you want to try out an all tiled look or perhaps a rustic wood?

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