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Beside the animals, the scenery is pretty spectacular, with varying vegetation, from open grass plains to highland dry forest and riverine forest.

Dams have been made in the park and have added further habitats for the animals and over 400 species of bird that call the park home.

Karen Blixen, a Danish author, moved from Denmark to Kenya with her husband, and lived in the house from 1917 to 1931. After they divorced, Karen continued fighting for the farm and the locals, and fell in love with an Englishman.

The museum allows you to relive the romanticism of those years, and hardships endured by Karen Blixen.

A visit to the centre is well worth it, not only to support their great work, but the cuteness factor of these li’l ellies is off the scale!

Contact the centre before you go, to find out feeding times etc.

As in any 'isolated' place, it's preferable not to walk alone. What’s a trip to a new country without sampling the local food?

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See here for where it is on the day you want to go, and check with your hotel reception.From the creatives at Shared Studios, the interactive art project aims to bring the global world to the micro level with grand 8-foot-tall projection screens allowing visitors to meet face-to-face, and in full life size (Face Time, Shmace Time), from 22 sites including Kabul, Nairobi, Berlin, Yangon, and the exotic city of Baltimore.There's little to hide and no reason to try—when you're done firing off curious questions at your counterpart, you just exit the portal and re-enter your own world.If you're visiting Kenya, there's a good chance you are flying into and out of it's bustling capital, Nairobi.Here we list 13 of the top things to do in this great city, pre- and post-safari.

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