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Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, which is undertaken when the accused refuses to show remorse or contrition, says Yves Tiberghien, director of the Institute for Asian Studies at UBC.Zhang, once described by her daughter as a workaholic, raised Qu, her only child, in the northern rustbelt province bordering Russia.Some have managed to skirt prosecution by leaving China. Last year, Beijing announced that 26 of China’s 100 most wanted fugitives for economic crimes were in Canada, reportedly the world’s second-largest haven for corrupt Chinese officials, after the U. But whether they are being targeted primarily for graft or in an effort to shore up support for the Communist Party is far from clear. I hope she can hear the song and it gives her love and strength.” In China, comments Qu made last year calling her mother her childhood hero, have incensed many who have taken her words to mean that the singer is overlooking the fact that her mother may have been involved in corruption, says Tiberghien. My reality in the last 653 days has been a never-ending nightmare.” Read more Maclean’s, news and politics on Texture.

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