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Hello Terry, The next firmware update of the Withings Home should fix or improve all the points you list.

I invite you to wait for this update (it should be available shortly) and I hope that you will be more satisfied with our product.

Infrared turning on "privacy mode" if there are reflections in the room.

So make sure you move it far away from babycrib otherwise it will have issues with night-vision, and show you "Privacy mode on" and no picture/sound.

My network is smooth and flawless for all other devices and operations, so I know it's not just a slow buggy wifi. The stream will interrupt, or report that it can not stream. It is pixelated, lags, and does not have great color fidelity.

Hopefully this is just a software issue and they will be able to tweak and tune it over the next few months.

For those of us staying put, there’s the Eclipse Megamovie Simulator, which will let you see how the eclipse will appear in your area.

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The Withings Home has a lot of potential for use in home monitoring arsenals, but it's just not ready yet.I'll update this review in a few months to see what has been improved. Things missing: No way to adjust motion or sound sensitivity, this is a huge minus as it's either being flooded with notifications of noise and motion (even when the room is empty as it's super sensitive) or no notifications because you turned it off.Video stored is just simple photo time-lapses in low resolution.For the time being it is a toy at best and I can not see it being useful enough to warrant the cost.CONS: * Restricted to use in the Withings Home app on i OS and Android.

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